Tamed Technology provides training programmes for broadcasters, designed to deliver increased efficiencies from available technologies and resources. A range of courses are offered, and individual training courses and programmes are designed to meet customers’ needs.

Tamed Technology is authorised to offer training for Gallery SIENNA product. The range of courses and workshops for SIENNA products is designed to equip Integrators, Administrators and Users with the skills they need to fulfil their roles. Each course is targeted at a specific role or function, and delegates may attend one or more courses as appropriate.

The training plan is designed as an integrated set of courses to be delivered by Simon Haywood Broadcast Training to the customer’s team. Other training strategies (including for example train-the-trainer can be appropriate in some circumstances, and can be discussed if required.

Broadcasters implement the latest technologies, often combining products from a number of vendors and integrators. It is essential that those working with the equipment have the skills and knowledge required to realise their potential.

Tamed Technology works with broadcasters to design and deliver specialised training. The content and style of training is tailored to the technology, application and environment of the broadcaster – ensuring an exact fit to requirements.