Tamed Technology offers support services for the broadcast and content creation industries – including specialised support for EMC Isilon and Gallery Sienna.┬áMost of our support contracts are for┬ásystems that we have installed or configured, but we do offer services for existing installations.

At Tamed Technology, we’ve never been comfortable offering tiers of service. Why would we ever sell anything that’s second best? Our aim is to provide support services that fulfil the needs of our customers – in the most efficient and useful way.

For our clients, a typical support incident is reported via email, and initial background data is gathered. We then escalate to a remote connection to pinpoint the issue, and work on the solution.

We never make promises to respond to an issue and find a resolution within a certain time – but we always promise to engage with the problem, and work it through to the end. The feedback we receive from our clients tells us this is the right approach.

Support can be purchased ad-hoc by the hour, or by annual contract. Every contract is priced individually, and in consultation with the customer. The price will vary according to the scale of the systems to be supported, and the level of intervention that is anticipated through the support year.

Tamed Technology is based in the UK, but we support clients across the globe – and draw on our partnerships in different time zones.

Contact us to talk about your support requirements.