FileCatalyst at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

FileCatalyst at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

By In News On 20 April 2015

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Tamed Technology sponsored the solutions workshop at the EMC Isilon booth at NAB 2015 – featuring workshops, demonstrations and presentations from a variety of vendors and partners – including FileCatalyst.

FileCatalyst is a high speed file transfer solution intended as a modern replacement for legacy FTP systems – and claiming order-of-magnitude improvements in performance.

File tranfers in Media and Entertainment workflows are an increasingly important requirement – both as part of the content production and delivery. The benefits of high speed, resilient and secure file transfers were clearly demonstrated when FileCatalyst worked with NBC during their coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Chris Bailey, CEO and co-founder of FileCatalyst talks here about the levels of concurrency, speed of transfer, and the ability to deal with growing files as the main differentiators that mark out FileCatalyst.

Chris was speaking after presenting FileCatalyst at the EMC Isilon theatre, at NAB 2015. He emphasised the importance of eliminating bottlenecks at all stages of the workflow, and how working with best-of-breed solutions such as EMC Isilon can help achieve those goals.

Chris Bailey, CEO and co-founder of FileCatalyst

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