Evolphin at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

Evolphin at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

By In News On 21 April 2015

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The Solutions Workshop sponsored by Tamed Technology at the EMC Isilon booth at NAB 2015 featured workshops, discussions, and presentations from a variety of vendors and partners – including Evolphin.

Evolphin provides Media Asset Management in high performance and mission critical environments. Evolphin can manage a variety of assets ranging from PhotoShop files, HD and 4K video files, through to text documents – and is optimised for scale and performance.

Here, CTO and Founder of Evolphin Rahul Bhargava describes a key feature of Evolphin – the high availability and disaster recovery module. Rahul talks about the potential to have geographically dispersed mirror instances of Evolphin, and the ability to offer a zero Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective.

Rahul Bhargava CTO and Founder, Evolphin

Rahul goes on to talk about the ability of Evolphin software to take advantage of the multiple and sycronised NFS connections that are possible across an EMC Isilon storage cluster, and increase the agregate bandwidth available to clients.

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