Anevia at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

Anevia at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

By In News On 21 April 2015

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At NAB 2015, The EMC Solutions Workshop was sponsored by Tamed Technology, and featured demonstrations, discussions, and solutions from a variety of vendors and partners – including Anevia.

Anevia is a company providing software solutions for the delivery of Live, timeshift, linear and non-linear TV. Anevia was founded in 2003 by the original team behind the VLC media player.

Anevia have been working on products which give television viewers the freedom to watch what they want, when and where it suits them. Anevia’s customers are the broadcasters and telcos that are looking to supply end consumers with the services they require.

Damien Lucas CTO and co-founder of Anevia talks here about the history and creation of Anevia, and the objectives of the company.

Damien Lucas CTO and co-founder, Anevia.

The latest innovation from Anevia is a cloud DVR where users can record a channel in advance or immediately, and several channels simultaneously. In a shared-copy Cloud DVR model, the number of users does not impact the recording infrastructure or the quality of service.

Anevia Viamotion Infinite

Anevia Viamotion Infinite

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