CLIO : Clustered Storage Connection Manager

At A Glance

  • Client Connection Manager for clustered storage.
  • Centralised client administration.
  • Connection Profile includes node, interface, protocol and mount options.
  • Granularity for user and host.
  • Removes the requirement to configure and maintain profiles on local machines.
  • Client application currently available for Apple OSX.

CLIO from Tamed Technology: A client connection manager for clustered storage. Centralising the management and administration of client connections to clustered storage in media and entertainment environments.

CLIO : How it works

Example Use Case

Clustered storage solutions such as Isilon from EMC² are the perfect fit for many Media and Entertainment environments. The underlying infrastructure of clustered storage allows the distributed connection of clients according to bandwidth, throughput and resilience requirements.

CLIO: Connecting Clients to Node Sets

Client machines must be configured appropriately, taking into account protocol choice (eg. NFS or SMB), protocol options (eg. protocol version, file locking, read/write block size, etc) and local filesystem options.

The management of these connection profiles on client machines can be a large administrative overhead – requiring the System Administrator to set and maintain a configuration on each workstation and server.

Additionally, it can be difficult to make connection settings part of an individual user or application profile – meaning that dynamic or user-specific connection options are even more difficult to maintain.

CLIO from Tamed Technology simplifies and centralises the management and configuration of client connections to clustered storage; including node, interface, protocol and mount options; with control granularity for user and host.

CLIO is available now from Tamed Technology. Contact us for more details, licensing and pricing.