CLIO : Clustered Storage Connection Manager


EMC Isilon for Media and Entertainment

EMC Isilon storage. A short video presentation showing how it works, how to use it and how it fits in Media and Entertainment workflows.[...]

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Elemental at Solutions Workshop NAB 2015

Elemental provide software defined video platforms and infrastructures, providing encoders, transcoders and Elemental Delta - a new video delivery platform.[...]

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ATTO Technologies at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

ATTO Technologies produce high bandwidth, and managed and low latency connectivity products., Ken Siebert talks about the partnership with EMC Isilon.[...]

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Evolphin at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

Evolphin provides Media Asset Management in high performance Media and Entertainment environments - and is optimised for scale and performance[...]

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Anevia at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

Anevia deliver products giving television viewers the freedom to watch what they want, when and where it suits them. Encoding, transcoding and cloud DVR.[...]

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Pivotal at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

Noelle Sio Principal Data Scientist at Pivotal on data science applied to identify the programme production decisions that have the most effect on ratings.[...]

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FileCatalyst at NAB 2015 Solutions Workshop

Chris Bailey, CEO and co-founder of FileCatalyst talking with Tamed Technology at NAB 2015 about concurrency, speed and dealing with growing files.[...]

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Solutions Workshop Schedule for NAB 2015

Tamed Technology sponsors the Solutions Workshop at the EMC Isilon booth #SL8011 at NAB 2015. Check out the schedule, and contact us to make an appointment.[...]

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